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Can’t thank you enough for all these shirts. I’ve looked around trust me, I’ve looked, and no shirt company comes close to yours. The quality, turnaround, price, easy to use website and customer service is incredible. So thank you once again to all you folks. You made my hopes of having my artwork on shirts one day into reality.

Fast and efficient. Fairly priced and an overall good experience

I am very happy to have discovered this company in my region. The prices are affordable and the print quality is superb. I ordered personalized sweaters for my kids and for Father's Day. The quality is impressive and the delivery was quick. I really recommend this company. In addition, it is possible to chat with them via Messenger.

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Adam Matthews
Lorenzo Baliello
Dany Boucher
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Treated with the best

Treated with the best

All our DTG (Direct to Garment) prints are printed with Firebird pretreat optimized for Brother GTX inks to hold your design in the wash.